About HKDU 有關西醫工會

HKDU Published at 2020-06-22

Hong Kong Doctors Union is the one and only trade Union specially designed for all doctors in Hong Kong whether working as employee or self-employed. We evolved from supervising allocation of public housing estate clinics to fending for the welfare and rights of doctors. Our transformation from Estate Doctors Association Ltd. into Hong Kong Doctors Union Ltd. in 2000 signaled on final evolution into a strong and committed community to serve all doctors in Hong Kong, to cater for their legitimate rights and welfare, their recreation, continuous education and development. With this mission, the Hong Kong Doctors Union was formed in 2002.



Low-Cost Clinics Doctors Management Committee was founded in September 1966. The first Chairman elected was Dr. Wong Yat Hung, Daniel. The Committee served 2 functions:

1.      As a liaison body among its members, the Medical and Health Department, the Resettlement Department and the Hong Kong Housing Authority (HKHA).

2.      To nominate members to provide medical services at various government housing estates through allocation meetings when vacant clinic sites were available.



The name was changed to Low-Cost Clinic Association of Registered Doctors. Chairman elected was Dr. Sun Kam Chuen, Victor.



The name was changed to Public Housing Estate Clinic Association of Registered Doctors. Chairman elected was Dr. Sun Kam Chuen, Victor.



After ten years of establishment, the name was changed to Estate Doctors Association Limited (EDA) after being incorporated as a Limited Company on 17 August 1976. Chairman elected was Dr. Sun Kam Chuen, Victor.



Various committees including Consumer Committee, Public Affairs Committee, Publication Committee and Social Activities Committee were formed to cater for the increasing members' needs.

Start of CME luncheon meetings on medical and other related topics.

Publication of first edition of EDA handbook.



The 1st Table Tennis Tournament was organized for members and their families. (EDA was the first medical association to organise such tournament for doctors.)



The Association had its first office on Shanghai Street.



Estate Doctors Club was formed with 108 members joining as corporate membership of the Hilltop Country Club in Tsuen Wan to enjoy the club facilities. However, as the demand for such club facilities declined, Estate Doctors Club was finally closed down in 2002 after twenty years of operation.



The Association moved to a new office on Castle Peak Road.



A voluntary participation scheme in which reduced medical fees were given to the elderly and those receiving public assistance, EDA Medical Aid Scheme was formed. Initially, the number of participating doctors was 380 and now is 464.

Moved to the present location in Hang Shing Building on Nathan Road.



CME Videocassette Viewing Session were commenced and held twice monthly at the Association premises since then.



Information Technology Committee was formed in May 1995 to look into the practical usage of new information technology, e.g. Electronic Bulletin Board System in the beginning and Internet Homepage afterwards, for information dissemination to members and to recommend to the Council and members such technology when appropriate.



Medical Protection Committee was formed in May 1997. Its aim was to set up a professional indemnity scheme at reasonable price with well coverage for our members. After three months of preparation with Nelson Hurst Insurance Brokers (HK) Ltd. and AXA Insurance Co. Ltd., the first Medical Protection Plan was officially launched in early September.



Estate Practice Committee was formed on 26 March 1998. Its functions were to look after the public estate clinic tenancy renewal and applications for assistant doctors by the estate doctors.



Committee on CME was formed on 11 May 1999 with the objective to further explore ways of improving and helping colleagues in attaining continuing medical education on a voluntary basis in user friendly format.



Membership Services Committee was formed on 30 March 2000 to organize tours and other membership services.

Public Health Education Committee was formed on 16 March 2000 to organize a HealthCare 2000 Exhibition held in the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre from 6 - 9 July 2000 and subsequent public health education activities.

Committee on Doctors’ Rights and Autonomy was formed on 30 March 2000 to receive and handle complaints concerning the jeopardy of the doctors' rights and autonomy from members.

Renamed as Hong Kong Doctors Union on 14 April 2000 after allocation of medical clinics in public housing estates from nomination by EDA through open ballot being changed to open tender by the Housing Authority. President elected was Dr. Yeung Chiu Fat Henry.

CME fund was set up in August 2000 in order to raise and allocate funds for organizing CME activities for members.

A court case was initiated by Asia Medinet against the Association in November 2000 which involved a bad debt of over HK$9 million to her panel doctors, of which most were HKDU members. As the association was not a trade union, nothing much we could do to fend our members' rights at that time. However, such incident strengthened our determination to register as a real trade union in 2002.



To uphold and maintain and improve the standard of the HKDU CME Programme, distinguished colleagues in the medical profession were invited to join the Board of Academic Advisers of the Committee on CME of HKDU. Presentation of Certificates of Appreciation to Board of Academic Advisors was held on 22 April 2001 in Princess Margaret Hospital.

Hong Kong Doctors Union was appointed by the Medical Council of Hong Kong to be one of the three CME Programme Providers, Accreditors and Administrators for doctors not on the specialists register on 8 September 2001.

Finance Committee was formed on 27 September 2001 to advise the Council on financial matters.

The All Doctors Group was established in 2001 to look after contractual medicine for our members as a measure against Health Maintenance Organizations but was closed down after twelve months of operation due to economic downturn.

Committee on Public & Private Interface was formed on 22 November 2001 to find means to alleviate the present imbalance of Public & Private medical services.



Visit to Beijing to celebrate the Inauguration of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association.

Hong Kong Doctors Union completed its registration with the Registry of Trade Union of HKSAR on 13 April 2002. President elected was Dr. Yeung Chiu Fat Henry. Our Union is at present the only trade union for doctors in both public and private practice in Hong Kong since December 2002.

By-Laws Committee was formed on 30 May 2002 to study and give advice to the Council on setting up by-laws of HKDU.

Publication of the Inaugural Issue of HKDU monthly Bulletin in July 2002.

An alternative proposal on mandatory CME named "Compulsory CME Status Display" was submitted on 15 August 2002 to Dr. E.K. Yeoh, former Secretary for Health, Welfare and Food and subsequently adopted by the Medical Council of Hong Kong.

HKDU was officially invited as one of the working partners of the Hospital Authority in promoting public and private interface to the profession and the public. "In-patients' Discharge Summary Cooperation Scheme", the first PPI project was launched on 16 December 2002.



Dinner Meeting with Mr. Stephen Lam, Secretary for Constitutional Affairs, on 17 January 2003 to discuss the issue of Chinese medicine practitioners.

Interviews by local and overseas media expressing our views and suggestions on SARS and other medical issues.

Press Conference on 12.4.2003 to suggest to the Government ways to prevent spreading SARS in the community.

 Meeting with the Hon. Mr. Andrew W.F. Wong, a directly elected Legislative Councilor, to exchange viewpoints on SARS crisis on 19 April 2003.

To minimize chance of cross infection among doctors, several CME teleconference meetings were organized during SARS pandemic.

Committee on Epidemics was formed on 26 August 2003 to disseminate medical information, health alerts and to provide assistance to members during epidemics.

Dinner Meeting with Dr. E.K. Yeoh on 15 September 2003 to exchange ideas for future co-operation between the Government and private doctors during epidemics.

Lunch Meeting with the Director of Health, Dr. Lam Ping Yan was held on 15 October 2003.

Our President, Dr. Yeung Chiu Fat Henry and Hon. Secretary, Dr. Ho Ock Ling were assigned authors of the manuscript on “Seroprevalence of Ab to SARS-CoV in General Practitioners” which was published in Scandinavian Journal of Infectious Diseases in March 2004.

Our President, Dr. Yeung Chiu Fat Henry, was appointed member of the Advisory Committee of Centre for Health Protection from November 2003 to May 2005.

For the first time, our President was invited by Mr. Tung Chee Hwa, the past Chief Executive of HKSAR, to a meeting on 23 December 2003 with medical and nursing professions to express our concerns for the medical profession.



In April 2004 our Vice-President, Dr. Ng Yu Kin, was appointed member of the Health Care Services Safety & Health Committee of the Occupational Safety & Health Council.

In June 2004 our President, Dr. Yeung Chiu Fat Henry, was appointed member of the preparatory Working Group of Education and Manpower Group of Education and Manpower Bureau on the Skill Upgrading Scheme for Medical and Health Care Personnel.

First edition of Semi-annual CME Bulletin was published in June 2004.

Dinner meeting with Dr. the Hon Kwok Ka Ki, the newly elected Legislative Councilor of Medical Functional Constituency on 28 October 2004.

Dinner meeting with Dr. Chow Yat Ngok, Secretary for Health, Welfare and Food, on 8 November 2004 to discuss the future healthcare reform.

On 23 December 2004 our President, Dr. Yeung Chiu Fat Henry, was invited by Mr. Tung Chee Hwa, the past Chief Executive of HKSAR again to a meeting to give views and suggestions on the medical affairs for his Policy Address in 2005.



In April 2005 our President, Dr. Yeung Chiu Fat Henry, was appointed member of the Working Group on Primary Healthcare under the Health and Medical Development Advisory Committee.

Visit to the Chinese Medical Association in Beijing from 11 - 14 April 2005 to celebrate her 95th Anniversary.

Visit to the Beijing Medical and Government Institutes from 15 - 17 May 2005 as invited by the Central Liaison Office of the HKSAR.

On 27 August 2005, our President was invited by Mr. Donald Tsang, the Chief Executive of HKSAR, to a meeting with Medical and Nursing Professions expressing our views for the Medical Profession.

Visit to the Medical Institutes including Faculty of Medical Sciences, Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou from 5-6 November 2005 as arranged by the Central Liaison Office of the HKSAR.



Dinner meeting with Mr. Shane Solomon, Chief Executive of Hospital Authority on 5 June 2006.

Support to the Otic Charity Foundation "Healing Hands" Charity Concert 2006 on 10 June 2006 as first HKDU 40th Anniversary event to raise fund for those with hearing impairment.

Our President, Dr. Yeung Chiu Fat Henry, was invited by Mr. Donald Tsang, the Chief Executive of HKSAR on 22 August 2006 to a meeting to give views and suggestions on the medical affairs for his Policy Address 2006-2007.

Dinner meeting with Mr. Anthony Wu, Chairman of Hospital Authority on 25 September 2006 to discuss matters of Public and Private Collaboration.

First soccer tournament held on 24 September at the Hong Kong University Stanley Ho Sports Centre to celebrate HKDU 40th Anniversary.

Invited by Dr. York Chow, Secretary for Health, Welfare and Food, our President visited Mr. Gao Qiang, Minister of Health, in Beijing on 29th September 2006 to express our views on CEPA for the medical profession in HKSAR.

HKDU 40th Anniversry Golf tournament held on 25th October 2006 in Kau Sai Chou Jockey Club Golf Course.



Information Technology Project Rewards

Our CME Website, namely "HKDU CME Website - http://cme.hkdu.org" won the World Summit Award in 2007. Our President, Dr. Yeung Chiu Fat and Chairman of I.T. Committee, Dr. Tang Kuen Yan represented HKDU to receive the “2007 World Summit Award” in the China Internet Conference held in China Hotel, Beijing on 24.9.2007.

HKDU was the "private sector representative" in supporting the Hospital Authority to apply for the Hong Kong Information Communication Technology Award 2007 under the category of "Best Lifestyle Award".


Mandatory CME Linked to Annual Relicensing

The Medical Council of Hong Kong on 2.5.2007 claimed that she decided to pursue mandatory CME for all doctors and to link it with annual relicensing.  Our Union made a submission on 10.5.2007 to the Legislative Council Panel on Health Services requesting the Legislative Council to hold a named referendum for such an important issue.


Support to Frontline Doctors' Union

To call for public concern of their unequal treatment by Hospital Authority, the Frontline Doctors' Union (FDU) launched a signature campaign on 10.6.2007. HKDU was invited to support and collect members' signature on the petition letter to the Chief Executive of HKSAR. On 23.6.2007, we joined the sit in protest organised in Queen Elizabeth Hospital by the FDU.


Fund Raising Event

Our Union supported the Otic Foundation to raise fund for those speech and hearing impaired citizens in financial difficulties. The Otic Foundation first function was the "Healing Hands" concert held on 8.9.2007 (Saturday) in the Queen Elizabeth Stadium. The total fund raised was around $4 million. Our President, Dr. Yeung Chiu Fat, showed his full support by singing the songs in the program of Variety Fundraising Challenge in the Concert to raise over $200,000.


Research Ethics Committee

The HKDU Research Ethics Committee was formed on 26.7.2007. The Committee would approve, review and monitor clinical research, with respect to ethical requirements, upon the submission of request by HKDU members or commercial investigators. Introduction of the Committee to the public was announced through press release on 14.10.2007 and press conference on 21.10.2007. The first application was received on 30.8.2007 and approved on 13.9.2007.



Exemption from juror duties

HKDU was successful in fighting for automatic exemption from juror duties for Medical Practioners. Our submission was sent on 21.4.2008 successfully opposing to the proposal of The Law Reform Commission of Hong Kong to remove the existing exemption of medical practitioners from jury service.


Stockholm Challenge Award

Dr. Tang Kuen Yan, Chairman of the IT Committee, was the representative of HKDU to receive the finalist Award of the Stockholm Challenge 2008 in the Gala Dinner and Award ceremony held on 22.5.2008 in the Stockholm City Blue Hall.



Flu Pandemic

The 2nd Edition of Guidelines on Avian Flu Pandemic was published for all HKDU members in January 2009. With the invaluable guidance and support from the Centre for Health Protection and The Hospital Authority, our Epidemic Committee was able to collect and present to fellow colleagues up to date information on procedures of Clinic Infection Control, Prevention, Detection, Treatment and Management to tackle the possible Avian Influenza pandemic in Hong Kong.

Our Union closely monitored the activity of the Human Swine Influenza (HSI) in the community since its first outbreak in April 2009. Our Council attended meetings on 2.5.2009, 22.5.2009 with the Government Authorities to discuss on ways of combating the highly infectious HSI in Hong Kong.

HKDU received a letter of appreciation from Dr. Thomas Tsang, Controller of Centre for Health Protection, to the support our Union in preparing the community in combating the Human Swine Influenza.


Beat Drug Project

The first project of the HKDU networking was the “HKDU Beat Drug Project 2009”. The kick-off ceremony was held on 8.5.2009 in the Panda Hotel. Representatives of all concerned organizations and associations joined the event. A seminar on “Youth Drug Abuse Problems in Hong Kong” delivered by Dr. Ronnie Pao was held simultaneously.


Restoration to Medical Register Upon Suspension

A member came across difficulties in restoration to medical register upon suspension and sought assistance from our Union on 30.9.2008. Our Union brought the matter to the Medical Council of Hong Kong (MCHK) for their clarification on 7.4.2009. The MCHK finally approved the restoration of this member in May 2009.


First visit to Health authorities of Guangdong Province

HKDU paid a historical visit to the government institutes of Guangdong Province in November 2009. During the visit, we raised our problems in getting the HKSS Certificate in forming Medical Groups in Mainland and extended our proposal of ‘An alternative to get the HKSS Certificate from TID of the HKSAR’ and sought assistance from Dr. Liao Xinbo, Depute Director General of the Health Department of Guangdong Province.



Collaboration with Southern Medical University & Nanfang Hospital

The representatives of Southern Medical University and Nanfang Hospital of the Peoples’ Republic of China paid us a visit on 24 & 25 February 2010.

The Signing Ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation between HKDU and Nanfang Hospital in Guangzhou was successfully held on 20.6.2010 at HKDU Sunday Afternoon Symposium. This was our Union’s first ever cooperation with an organization from the Mainland. With this MOU, members would be able to work in Southern Medical University hospitals or set up their own clinics. The guests attending the ceremony included Mr. Feng Shao Min, Head, Foreign Affairs Division, Health Department of Guangdong Province; Prof. Li Sum Ping, Dean of Li Ka Shing Faculty, University of Hong Kong; Mr. Chu Feng, Deputy Director of Coordination Department of Liaison Office of The Central People’s Government in the HKSAR; Dr. Chan Nai Chi, Vice Chairman of Board (Academic) of Macau Medical and Health Federation; Dr. Edith Lau Ming Chu and Dr. Wong To Chuen, Chairman of the Association of Medical Practitioner of Societies’ Clinics.

A Standing Committee for Medical Services Cooperation was formed to govern and implement cooperation matters between HKDU and the Southern Medical University in Guangzhou. Our Vice-president, Dr. Tang Yiu Tin was appointed Chairman of the Standing Committee, other members included Drs. Kong Yim Fai, Li Sum Wo and Yeung Chiu Fat.


CMA Academic Exchange Activity

HKDU was invited by Chinese Medical Association to participate in their 24th National Cogress held from 23 to 25.4.2010 in Beijing.


Szechuan Province Visit

Our President, Dr. Yeung Chiu Fat and Vice-president, Dr. Tang Yiu Tin were invited by The Liaison Office of The Central People’s Government in the Hong Kong SAR to join an official visit to the Szechuan Province from 26 to 30.5.2010.


Written records for drug orders

HKDU strongly objected “to require retailers and doctors to have written records for drug orders”.  In December 2009, we conveyed the message to Dr. York Chow, Secretary for Food and Health for his clarification on the issue.

On 14.4.2010, HKDU received the reply from Dr. York Chow to our objection stating that the objective of requiring doctors to have written records for drug orders was to ensure all drugs came from known sources and all suppliers and doctors had records of order and sale, so that doctors would not be victimized for drugs that could have gone to other retail outlets.

Our Union was disappointed with Dr. Chow’ aforesaid reply and wrote again to draw his attention on the matter on 30.4.2010.

Despite of our strong objection and series of protest letters, the Food and Health Bureau  insisted the requirement for doctors to use written records for drug orders.


Admission Rights to Private Hospitals

All the 12 private hospitals decided to impose conditions of medical malpractice indemnity to terminate admission rights of members subscribing to our Medical Protection Plan. A Committee Meeting was held on 21.1.2011 to discuss on the solution towards the problem.

The Hong Kong Private Hospitals Association refused to meet the doctors for discussion on the admission privilege in relation to the professional indemnity insurance that was affecting visiting doctors of all private hospitals. On 8.4.2011 HKDU met again with Professor Liang Hin Suen, President of Academy of Medicine, our insurance agent, other insurance professionals, Chairmen of Patients’ Group and Pharmacists Association to discuss on the way forward. It was agreed to organise a press conference and request Dr. Hon Leung Ka Lau to raise questions in Legislative Council on the issue for clarifications.

A Meeting was held with Ms. Connie Lau, Chief Executive and Mr. Victor Hung, Chief Research & Trade Practices Officer of the Consumer Council on 18.4.2011. During the meeting, HKDU lodged a complaint on the monopoly measure on Patients’ admission rights by Private hospitals to the Consumer Council for their follow up.

On 29.4.2011, Council members, led by our President, conducted a press conference in 4/F., Duke of Windsor Social Services Building, 15 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong to alert the community to the unjust decision to bar some 500 doctors not subscribing to Medical Protection Society (MPS) from admitting patients by Hong Kong Private Hospitals Association.


Annex 2(10/13)

Dr. Lau Kwok Lam, Chairman of the Hong Kong Private Hospitals Association asserted to the press that MPS offered indemnity with no upper limit, which HKDU proved to be wrong on 21.6.2011.

Subsequently, we were grateful for the chief executive and other staff of the Consumer Council in their interest in our case and we received their reply in February 2014. It stressed that the Association of private Hospitals had not issued any further directive concerning this subject since November 2012. HKDU believed that doctors in negotiation with individual hospitals should bring that reply letter to back them up if necessary.



HKDU Facebook

The HKDU facebook account was set up in April 2013, all members are invited to join in to communicate and receive notices of Union activities online.

Exemption from Levy System on Plastic Bags

Hong Kong Legislative Council invited HKDU to participate in the Bills Committee Meeting on Product Eco-responsibility (Amendment) Bill 2013 held on 18.6.2013 at the Legislative Building to give views and suggestions on the environmental levy scheme on plastic shopping bags. Our President, Dr. Yeung Chiu Fat, representing HKDU (the only one medical body out of 22 deputations) attended the Meeting to make oral presentation. After our strong objection (with reason for the health of community) at the Meeting, our Union has successfully fought for exemption from the levy system on plastic carry bags for medicine.




With the funding from Professional Services Development Assistance Scheme of the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, we built a CME platform on mobile whereby doctors could use their smart-phones through mobile apps (iphone or android) to obtain CME credits by going through CME materials and attain CME credits by attempting online quizzes. The CME platform on mobile will also help doctors identify and access medical references useful to their daily practice, such as medical lectures, surgery video clips and medical journals, local and overseas. Five seminars with hands-on experience from November 2014 were arranged for members.



Support to Hospital Authority Doctors

As the Hospital Authority (H.A.) is a Government sub-vented organization, salary increments of H.A. doctors should be in par with civil servants. When circumstances justify a raise in salary for civil servants, then the same should apply to public doctors in H.A. HKDU extended our strong support to demand a fair deal for Hospital Authority Doctors by joining the sit in protest on 21.10.2015 organized in Queen Elizabeth Hospital by the Public Doctors Association.



HKDU 50th Anniversary Celebration Reception

The HKDU 50th Anniversary Reception was successfully held on 13th April 2016 (Wednesday) in the afternoon at the new Red Cross Headquarter. We had altogether over 150 guests from the Hong Kong Government, Guangdong Health Authority, Macau Medical Association, Hospital Authority, doctor and friendly associations, drug and commercial companies gracing our great memorable event. There were cake cutting ceremony; photo exhibition; souvenirs and trophies presentation etc. Free copies of Diagnostic ECG Test Booklet in memory of Dr. Pun Chiu On, our former Continuous Medical Education adviser were distributed throughout the event.

Just to name a few, we had the honour of the following guests joining our 50th Anniversary Reception:

Dr. the Hon. Ko Wing Man, Secretary for Food and Health, Food and Health Bureau

Professor. Leong Chi Yan, John, Chairman, Hospital Authority

Dr. the Hon. Leung Ka Lau, Member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong (Functional Constituency, medical)

Professor Sophia Chan, Under Secretary for Food and Health, Food and Health Bureau

Dr. Leong Che Hung, Chairman, Minimum Wage Commission

Dr. Li Kwok Tung Donald, President, Hong Kong Academy of Medicine

Mr. Zhang Qiang, Under Secretary, Coordination Department, Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong S.A.R

Mr. Luo Zhiyi, Deputy Inspector, Coordination Department, Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong S.A.R

Mr. Jiang Zhiwen, Director, Coordination Department, Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong S.A.R

Mr. Feng Shaomin, Director, Department of Health of Guangdong Province

Mr. Weijia Sen, Deputy Director, Department of Health of Guangdong Province

Dr. Lao Ting Nei, Chairman, Macao and China Medical Association

Dr. Leung Pak Yin, Chief Executive, Hospital Authority

Dr. Leung Ting Hung, Controller, Centre for the Health Protection

Dr. Sun Kam Chuen Victor, Past President, HKDU

Dr. Lau Kin Sang, Past President, HKDU

Dr. Lee Chun Yu, Past President, HKDU

Ms. Wong Fung Han, Gilly, Chief Executive, Consumer Council


Annex 2(12/13)

Mr. Antony Wu, Chairman, Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre

Dr. Chan Pui Yin Pierre, President, Hong Kong Public Doctors' Association

Dr. Leung Sai Man, Sigmund, President, Hong Kong Dental Association Ltd.


Chinese Medical Association

HKDU was invited by the Chinese Medical Association to participate in the 25th National Assembly & Centennial Anniversary of Chinese Medical Association held from 13 to15.12.2015 in Beijing.


1st International Conference of Doctors’ Trade Unions

HKDU Council was invited by Marburger Bund to participate in the 1st International Conference of Doctors’ Trade Unions in Berlin, Germany on 13 & 14.6.2016 to share ideas regarding Doctors’ Migration and Working Time Arrangement. At the Conference, all the participants signed a statement on the above two subjects.


Expanded HKDU MPP

Our existing Medical Protection Plan was expanded to cover specialists other than general practitioners and doctors practising Aesthetic Medicine.


Dancing Contest

The HKDU 50th Anniversary Dancing Contest was held on 20th March 2016 for members at the Lecture Hall of Princess Margaret Hospital. Trophy presentation was held at 50th Anniversary Reception on 13 April 2016.


Military Life Experience Camp

Our President, Dr. Yeung Chiu Fat was invited as usual, since 2009 by Hong Kong Youth and Tertiary Students Association to be guest of honour at the opening ceremony of the 6th Military Life Experience Camp held on 14.8.2016 at the San Wai Barracks, Fanling. HKDU members and their families have enjoyed this annual event with enthusiasm and deep interest.  The “war game” activity in 2015 was one of the highlights which captivated everybody who actively experience participated in this military camp.


Medical Registration (Amendment) Bill 2016

HKDU was invited by Medecins Inspires to particiapte in joint meeting concerning the reform of Medical Council of Hong Kong held on 10.1.2016 at the Central.

Mr. Hon Chan Han Pan, Legislative Councilor was invited to a meeting by our Council on 28.1.2016 to share and exchange views on “Reform of Medical Council of Hong Kong”.

HKDU Council met with representatives of the Patients’ Group on 1.2.2016 at Yaumatei to discuss on the issue of Medical Council Reform.

Our President, Dr. Yeung Chiu Fat was invited by the Bills Committee on 2016 Medical Registration Ordinance (Amendment) Bill to participate in the Committee Meeting held on 11.4.2016 at Legislative Council Complex.

In order to raise our objection to the Medical Registration (Amendment) Bill 2016, we staged a sit-in protest on 29.6.2016 and 6, 7, 8, 13, 14 & 15.7.2016 respectively outside Legislative Council Complex.

HKDU extended further objection to the Food & Health for not adding 4 elected doctor members to the Medical Council of Hong Kong on 2.8.2016.


Organ Donation Project

On 25.6.2016 Our president was invited by Food and Health Bureau to participate in the Launching and Signing Ceremony of Charter for the Promotion of Organ Donation at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.


Photo Contest

Our 50th Anniversary photo contest was successfully held on 21.2.2016 at Lecture Room, Block G, 8/F. Princess Margaret Hospital right after the Sunday Afternoon Symposium. We were honoured to have invited HKDU member, Dr. Wong Man Kei and two other professional photographers to be judges and share their experiences at the event.


Singing Contest

The HKDU 50th Anniversary Singing Contest was successfully held on 6th March 2016. The Champion was Dr. Kenny Kung, the 1st runner up was Dr. Doris Chu and the 2nd runners up were  Dr. Nancy Yuen and our President, Dr. Yeung Chiu Fat respectively. The Special Award of Creativity went to Dr. Ruby Lau.


Bowling Contest

The HKDU 50th Anniversary Bowling Tournament was successfully held on 25.9.2016 (Sunday) at Ho Man Tin Bowling Sports Centre.