Our ref.: HKDU/085/2004


Press Release and Invitation

Hong Kong Doctors Union consists of more than 1,700 registered medical practitioners in Hong Kong with majority in private practice, as well as some in public services. Most of us are practising family medicine, in close contact with the Hong Kong community.

Learning from last year’s SARS threatening experience, the healthcare professionals have conscientiously conducted research on preventive measures of infectious diseases.  Our members have a series of new inventions on protection against SARS and other highly infectious diseases. We are honoured to stage an Exhibition on the inventions in Hospital Authority Annual Convention covering International Forum on SARS & Infection Control this year.  All members of the community are welcome to visit our Exhibition at Booth No. 38, M/F., Old Wing, Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, Wanchai from 8.5.2004 to 11.5.2004 during the Hospital Authority Annual Convention. 

The name of the invention is " ViroTools" which consists of 12 Tools (Appendix) to achieve the dynamic running concept - Sterile Air Recirculating System ("SARS") concept.

This research project is conducted by Hong Kong Doctors Union, University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education.  

The System Concept is done by the combination of Nano-Technology, Light Energy Sterilisation etc. to achieve the Isolation Purpose but yet a Practical working environment in a relative low cost without doing any architectural or machine modifications (except ViroEn-suite) of the existing system. It takes less than 10 minutes (except ViroEn-suite) to change an unarmed ordinary ward into a high infection isolation ward.

The merits of this system are low costing, high compatibility, high mobility to achieve the concepts of "Mobile Isolation" and "Mobile Sterilisaton". The application and usage of this system will not interfere with the traditional and usual hygiene practice, such as Face Mask and Hand Washing.  Doctors and Nurses are able to perform their usual duties, including Operations, Intubations, Computer handling, writing, etc.  Medical staff members will decide on the proper time to activate the “SARS” when they recognise that the risk of being infected is so high that the usual face mask and handwash cannot provide promising protection.  “SARS” will be maintained for 14 days after activation until there is no more staff or patients being infected.  Then the “SARS” could be deactivated with everything inside the office and ward being totally unaffected and unchanged.

Armed with these new inventions, we hope to better safeguard the health of all citizens and healthcare professionals during future attacks of highly infectious diseases.

You are cordially invited to attend the following TWO functions:

A. Briefing session

Date: 8.5.2004 (Saturday)

Time: 2:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Venue: Booth No. 38, Hospital Authority Annual Convention

M/F., Old Wing, Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, Wanchai

Topic: Briefing session on New Inventions on Preventive Measures against Infectious Diseases

B. Demonstration and Testing

Date: 9.5.2004 (Sunday)

Time: 2:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Venue: Rm D114, L1/Fl.,

Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Tsing Yi),

20 Tsing Yi Road,

Tsing Yi, N.T.

Topic: Demonstration and Testing on New Inventions (which could not be displayed in Hospital Authority Convention due to limited space) on Preventive Measures against Infectious Diseases

Contact person:-  Dr. Yeung Chiu Fat, President, Hong Kong Doctors Union

Pager - 7838 2831


"SARS" System includes the following 12 ViroTools

1) Virovent

An Airflow Control System with High Power Light Killing Energy to kill the virus and nanofilter to stop the virus from escaping.

2) Virocoat

A 99% waterproof suit with Natural Air Driving Through Nanofilter and Light Energy Sterilisation by battery pumps.

3) Virowash

A self-substaining and battery operating shower system with Lighting Sterilisation and Disinfectant Spray to prevent anyone touching any virus on the used suits.

4) Viroport

A Light Energy Sterilisation Chamber with 2 partition door, Sterilizing items before leaving infected Area.

5) Virojet

A battery operating mobile jet with disinfectant to disinfect Mobile Virocoated Patient.

6) Virolight

A mobile and Remote Triggering Light Sterilisation Tube to disinfect Mobile Virocoated Patient.

7) Virogun

A high power Light Sterilisation Tube to kill virus in wide area.

8) Viropalm

A small Light Sterilisation set with flexible angle for all purposes usage and powerful enough to kill virus in 1 second.

9) Virocool

A small and portable air cooling system without using electricity but highly efficient in energy conversion.

10) Viroshoe

A large bore soft transparent plastic shoe for easy use with bloated coat but provide enough toughness.

11) Viroflash

A Powerful Light Sterilisation set that will illuminate only when human subject obscured, for destinated period of time to kill the virus and then stop until the next time whenever human subject walk through the place.

12) ViroEn-suite

A demountable isolation en-suite for infection control composed of demountable components to form an ante chamber, a bed room, and a toilet/shower room linked together for filtering and killing viruses and bacteria nearest their sources, thus providing highly efficient and cost effective infection control in health care facilities and other places such as air ports and residences.





新發明命名為「威龍工具」,此乃一套全新概念設計的室內空氣淨化循環系統(Sterile Air Recirculating System) "SARS"之專利發明,共包括十二件不同功能的產品(請參閱附註)。






甲.       「威龍工具」簡介

日期: 二零零四年五月八日(星期六)

時間: 下午二時三十分至四時

地點: 灣仔香港會議展覽中心舊翼閣樓38號攤位

題目: 嶄新設計傳染病防護裝備簡介  

乙.       示範及檢測

日期: 二零零四年五月九日(星期日)

時間: 下午二時三十分至四時三十分

地點: 新界青衣青衣路20號香港專業教育學院(青衣)L1樓D114室

題目: 嶄新設計傳染病防護裝備示範及檢測



聯絡電話:7838 2831




1) 威龍防毒箱


2) 威龍防毒衣


3) 威龍防毒沖身器


4) 威龍防毒爐


5) 威龍噴射器


6) 威龍防毒中型管


7) 威龍防毒大型管


8) 威龍防毒手管


9) 威龍防毒冷卻器


10) 威龍防毒鞋


11) 威龍防毒快閃管


12) 威龍防毒套房