Press Statement

Hong Kong Doctors Union calls on the Government to reinforce the following preventive measures for the present upsurge of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome in the community.

  1. All residents of Hong Kong should wear masks when they go out and even indoors if necessary, like taking care of sick people at home.
  2. The Immigration Department should require all persons entering Hong Kong to declare their health conditions upon arrival. Masks should be worn by all sick persons with respiratory symptom.
  3. The Education and Manpower Bureau should order all Hong Kong Primary and Secondary Schools to close for two weeks, a few days longer than the incubation period of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome to contain the disease.

Contact person: Dr. Yeung Chiu Fat, President, Hong Kong Doctors Union

Pager - 7838 2831



  1. 全港市民外出時,在人多的公眾地方必需配戴有效口罩,在室內若有需要,如照顧病人也應同時帶上口罩。
  2. 入境事務處下令各入境人士必須申報健康狀況。如呼吸系統有感不適者,必須配戴口罩。
  3. 教育統籌局下令全港所有中小學校停課兩星期,以超越非典型肺炎的潛伏期,而能夠達到更有效地防止疾病蔓延。


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