Press Statement

To support and alleviate the heavy workload of Hong Kong public hospitals in this SARS crisis, Hong Kong Doctors Union (HKDU) has organized a volunteer team of private doctors to give FREE CONSULTATION to affected patients of public Specialist Out Patient Clinics (SOPCs).  The main object of the team is to provide continuous health care to those affected patients suffering from chronic illnesses.

Through our hotline at 2782-6556 (this hotline is sponsored by PCCW Ltd.), affected patients can get information of participating private doctors in their nearby districts and subsequently can make their own consultation appointments with the participating doctors.  Such patients should bring along with them the following materials from the Hospital Authority for easy identification in the clinics of the participating private doctors:

  1. appointment slips provided by the public SOPCs,
  2. medications duly labeled as supplied by the public SOPCs,
  3. health records and whatever relevant information available.

During this FREE CONSULTATION service, if extra drug is required by the patients, the participating doctors will charge the patients drug fees at cost or write prescriptions for them where appropriate.

Contact person: Dr. Yeung Chiu Fat, President, Hong Kong Doctors Union

Pager - 7838 2831




  1. 公共專科門診部覆診咭或預約紙,
  2. 公共專科門診配給的藥物及標籤,
  3. 病歷咭或有關疾病資料。


聯絡人: 香港西醫工會會長楊超發醫生

聯絡電話: 7838 2831