Press Statement

on Chinese New Year Holidays doctors' opening hours

28th January 2019

Dear Reporters,

Hong Kong Doctors Union is the unique trade union with doctor members in both public and private services, registered with the Trade Union Registry to look after the interests and rights of doctors in their employer employee relationship. While we are committed to upgrade the standard of medical doctors to cater for the health of the Hong Kong community, we also relate to the Government the urgent needs of the patients and reflect the true situation in the context of medical care so that the Government will appropriately and efficiently set up policies with long term benefits for the health of Hong Kong citizens.

In order to meet the demand from Hong Kong citizens on primary care medical service during the coming Chinese New Year Holidays, Hong Kong Doctors Union has compiled a list of doctor clinics with opening hours during the Holidays. Such list can be easily obtained from the internet website through mobile phones or desktop computers at the following link : - (Data will be updated from time to time)

Our aim is to facilitate citizens to seek medical service from doctors during the Holidays so that they do not have to queue up in the Accident and Emergency Departments of Public Hospitals. We have installed multiple search functions in the website so that citizens can look for doctors by district, opening hours, dates of opening etc for easy operation.

We strive to safeguard health of Hong Kong citizens in the Chinese New Year of the Pig!

For enquiries, please contact Dr. Yeung Chiu Fat, President, HKDU at 9013 6478 or

Email: /

Dr. Yeung Chiu Fat Henry


Hong Kong Doctors Union







為了滿足香港市民在即將到來的農曆新年假期期間對醫療服務的需求,香港西醫工會已編制了一份包括假期期間開放的診所名單。這份名單可以通過手機或桌上電腦從互聯網網站輕易獲取,網址如下: - (資料會定時更新)



有關查詢,請致電9013 6478或電郵 / hkdumail@hkdu.org聯絡香港西醫工會會長楊超發醫生。