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Hong Kong Doctors Union has 1,700 members and is the unique trade union with doctor members in public and private services. Registered with the Trade Union Registry to look after the interests and rights of doctors in their employer employee relationship, Hong Kong Doctors Union is committed to upgrade the standard of medical doctors to cater for the health of the community of Hong Kong.

Primary Care Doctors not represented in Health and Medical Development Advisory Committee

Hong Kong Doctors Union is most concerned about the composition of the recently appointed Health and Medical Development Advisory Committee for Healthcare Development. Despite the emphasis by the Secretary for Health, Welfare & Food that he wants to further develop the primary healthcare of Hong Kong particularly the family physician system, there is not one single primary care doctor in this Committee.

We call on the government to be truly sincere in promoting private medical care particularly the family doctor system by revamping the structure of the Committee.

The Secretary’s misbelief

We are further disheartened to hear Dr. York Chow’s remark that relative to the income of doctors, the premium for medical professional indemnity is not considered high. He should not carry on the myth that doctors are all rich. It does not tally with his repeated statement about the serious imbalance of healthcare with patients over-reliant on the public sector, while the private doctors are struggling to survive.

Contact person: Dr. Yeung Chiu Fat, President, Hong Kong Doctors Union
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