Press Statement

  1. The Hong Kong Doctors Union consists of more than 1,700 registered medical practitioners in Hong Kong with majority in private practice, as well as some in public services. Most of us are practising family medicine, in close contact with the Hong Kong community.
  2. HKDU calls on all frontline medical workers to conscientiously work together and cooperate with the government in combating the present threat of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (Atypical Pneumonia).
  3. We call on the government to reinforce preventive measures, such as strictly enforcing Isolation Procedures through isolating suspected contacts, sterilization of affected premises public or private, encouraging wearing of masks and distribute masks free to all public and private frontline medical workers, citizens seeking treatment as well as relatives and friends and even to citizens in crowded places.
  4. We request the government to provide the guidelines on symptoms and signs of Atypical Pneumonia as well as preventive measures of the disease to all private medical practitioners.
  5. Since some public medical services have been suspended from lack of medical personnel, we suggest that the government and private medical practitioners cooperate to channel patients to volunteer private doctors' clinics temporarily.

Contact person: Dr. Yeung Chiu Fat, President, Hong Kong Doctors Union

Pager - 7838 2831


  1. 香港西醫工會有超過 1,700 位公家與私家醫生會員,而以後者為多。由於大部份為家庭醫生,所以我們跟香港社會各階層有密切的接觸。
  2. 近日非典型肺炎肆虐香港,本會有感各醫務界同業,不遺餘力,跟政府衷誠合作抵擋當前非典型肺炎的威脅。西醫工會現呼籲各醫療工作者緊守崗位,防止此疾病再度蔓延。
  3. 我們現再呼籲政府增強預防措施,例如嚴謹實行隔離觀察疑受感染的家屬,對被染病者接觸過的公私醫療機構或診所進行消毒,鼓勵帶口罩及派發免費口罩予公私醫護人員及求診市民與其親友,連多人聚集的地方也應派發予市民。
  4. 本會建議政府提供足夠指引予私家執業醫生如何鑑定非典型肺炎的病徵及預防措施。
  5. 因應非典型肺炎所帶來的沉重工作量而影響公營醫療服務,我們再建議私家醫生與政府合作,例如組成自願隊伍,在私家醫生診所內替受影響的病人作臨時免費服務,如替長期病患者診症或作身體檢查。


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