For Immediate Release

October 19, 2001

Dah Sing Bank and Hong Kong Doctors Union

Launched HKDU Platinum MasterCardˇV

the First MasterCard in town with Contactless Smart Card Feature

Amid the rapid development of technology, continuing education becomes more and more important especially for professionals to be updated with new technical knowledge and information. Being one of the most well-established medical organizations with over 1,700 members of registered doctors in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Doctors Union (HKDU) has been actively promoting Continuing Medical Education (CME) in Hong Kong. To facilitate further development of CME, HKDU joins with Dah Sing Bank to issue the HKDU Platinum MasterCard which is the first contactless smart credit card in town with automatic CME registration function.? Combining the functions of Platinum credit card, HKDU Membership Card and automatic CME registration, this co-branded credit card not only signifies a new era of smart card development, but also sets the milestone of CME development in Hong Kong.

Serving as HKDU Membership Card, HKDU Platinum MasterCard is the first and only MasterCard which provides automatic CME registration function in town.? Supported by a built-in contactless smart chip, the HKDU Platinum MasterCard carries additional memory for CME information storage.? Unlike contact smart card which requires direct contact with the reader for cardholder verification and data exchange, HKDU Platinum MasterCard cardholders can simply touch the electronic reader connected with the computer system in the CME venues with their HKDU Platinum MasterCard, their attendance records as well as CME credits will be automatically recorded within one second for future review and data analysis, saving all the troubles of manual registration. This innovative feature greatly enhances the automation of CME program.

Besides, HKDU Platinum MasterCard also offers an optional photocard service which not only reflects the professional status of HKDU members, but also minimizes the chance of unauthorized use in case of lost card.? In addition, Dah Sing Bank will donate part of the spending of HKDU Platinum MasterCard to HKDU to facilitate its future development.

HKDU Platinum MasterCard cardholders will be entitled to perpetual annual fee waiver and a host of unparalleled Platinum MasterCard privileges including the optional ˇ§Platinum Advantage Serviceˇ¨ which offers P+2% p.a. privileged interest rate, ˇ§Platinum Rewardˇ¨ of double cash reward at designated merchants, 24-hours Customer Service, Global Concierge Service, exclusive discounts at prestigious merchants and special offers for banking services, etc.? To celebrate the launch of HKDU Platinum MasterCard, successful applicants before December 15, 2001 will be entitled to a Sheaffer Ballpen as welcome gift.

Mr. Derek Wong, Managing Director of Dah Sing Bank said, ˇ§HKDU Platinum MasterCard is the first contactless smart card in town with automatic CME registration function.? It is not only a breakthrough in credit card industry but also symbolizes a further step in Dah Sing Credit Cardˇ¦s efforts to penetrate into the professionals market to provide tailor-made benefits to this customer segment.ˇ¨

Dr. Henry Yeung, President of Hong Kong Doctors Union said, ˇ§Hong Kong Doctors Union has recently been appointed by Medical Council of Hong Kong as the official CME Provider, Accreditor and Administrator which enables HKDU to play an even more important role in the promotion of CME. I strongly believe that the HKDU Platinum MasterCard will bring tremendous contribution to the development of CME.ˇ¨

The HKDU Platinum MasterCard is now open for HKDU members to apply. For application forms or enquiries, HKDU members may call Dah Sing Platinum MasterCard 24-hour Customer Service Hotline at 2828 8138 or HKDU Hotline at 2388 2728.



推出香港西醫聯會Platinum MasterCard


現今科技發展一日千里,專業人士必須掌握最新技術資訊,方能緊貼科技潮流,因此,近年持續教育的重要性日益提昇。擁有逾1,700名註冊西醫會員的香港西醫聯會,為醫學界最具代表性的專業團體之一,一直積極推動持續醫學教育(Continuing Medical Education, 簡稱CME)。香港西醫聯會為進一步鼓勵及促進CME的發展,夥拍大新銀行推出全港首張具備自動化CME記錄功能的信用咭 ˇV 香港西醫聯會Platinum MasterCard,此咭結合白金信用咭、香港西醫聯會會員咭及自動化CME出席記錄功能於一身,不但標誌著智能信用咭發展的新紀元,更為香港持續醫學教育創下一項新里程碑。

香港西醫聯會Platinum MasterCard 既是香港西醫聯會的獨有會員咭,同時亦是全港首創及目前唯一提供自動化CME記錄功能的非接觸式智能咭,內置一枚非接觸式智能晶片,使該咭擁有額外記憶功能。持咭人只需於出席CME活動時,將其香港西醫聯會Platinum MasterCard接觸設置於會場並連接到電腦系統的智能咭閱讀器,其出席資料將即時被記錄,過程少於一秒,快捷簡易。相比一般接觸式智能咭,必須插入閱讀器內等候認證及記錄有關資料,運作更為便捷,不但免卻繁複的登記手續,更方便日後計算會員的個人出席分數及分析有關數據,對持續醫學教育的系統化及自動化發展,提供莫大便利。

此外,香港西醫聯會Platinum MasterCard特別呈獻相片信用咭服務,會員可選擇於咭面上印上個人照片,一方面彰顯其會員尊貴身份及專業地位,另一方面可有效減低一旦失咭時被盜用的機會,一舉兩得。大新銀行更會將香港西醫聯會Platinum MasterCard的部份簽賬撥贈香港西醫聯會,為推動香港西醫聯會的會務發展作出貢獻。

香港西醫聯會 Platinum MasterCard 更為會員提供一系列卓越非凡的白金咭專有權益,包括:永久免年費優惠、獨有之ˇ§Platinum Advantageˇ¨服務P+2%優越年息、ˇ§Platinum Rewardˇ¨指定商戶雙倍現金獎賞、24小時客戶服務專線、全球私人助理服務、精選名店消費優惠及優越銀行服務優惠等。此外,為慶祝香港西醫聯會Platinum MasterCard隆重面世,凡於2001年12月15日前成功申請的會員更可獲贈名貴Sheaffer 原子筆。

大新銀行董事總經理黃漢興先生表示:「香港西醫聯會 Platinum MasterCard 乃全港首張具備自動化CME記錄功能的非接觸式智能信用咭,不但是信用咭市場上的一項創舉及大新信用咭業務的一大突破,更代表著本行的信用咭服務進一步滲透專業人仕市場,為這群尊貴客戶提供度身訂造的服務。」

香港西醫聯會會長楊超發醫生表示:「本會最近榮獲香港醫務委員會正式委任為自願性持續醫學進修證書計劃的主辦機構(Provider)、評分機構(Accreditor)及行政機構(Administrator),讓我們為推動香港持續醫學教育扮演更重要的角色。本會深信香港西醫聯會Platinum MasterCard定能為香港持續醫學教育及香港西醫聯會的發展作出重大貢獻。」

香港西醫聯會Platinum MasterCard 現已接受香港西醫聯會會員申請,會員可致電大新Platinum MasterCard 24小時客戶服務專線2828 8138或香港西醫聯會熱線2388 2728查詢申請詳情。

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