Press Statement

Since the introduction of preventive measures against the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) by the Government of HKSAR nearly two weeks ago on 27th March 2003, there is no sign of decrease in the number of new patients contracting SARS in the community.  Hong Kong Doctors Union calls on the Government to step up control by introducing the following measures to contain the disease and to safeguard the health, life and economy of the region before the public healthcare system collapses.

Apart from providing comprehensive financial and spiritual support and a safe environment to our frontline health care providers especially those in the public sector, Hong Kong Government needs:

  1. To ensure wearing of effective masks by citizens in crowded areas to protect themselves unless contraindicated for medical reasons.  To make wearing of effective masks mandatory for all citizens with respiratory symptoms at all time to protect others in public areas;
  2. To implement medical surveillance for visitors from infected areas for at least 10 days, to quarantine visitors suspected suffering from SARS, and to consider barring traveling for leisure between Hong Kong and Mainland China for one month subject to further review so as to decrease the influx of SARS patients to the community;
  3. To strictly enforce quarantine and isolation measures for all hospital staff caring SARS patients and contacts;
  4. To disinfect all affected premises public or private;
  5. To announce daily a list of SARS patients with information of all places or countries they visited and where they came from prior to their illness, including Mainland China and other countries;
  6. To produce a list of infected doctors who have contracted SARS on a voluntary basis for public interest.

Contact person: Dr. Yeung Chiu Fat, President, Hong Kong Doctors Union

Pager - 7838 2831




  1. 確保所有市民,除因為特定醫學上的需要外,在人多地方均戴上口罩保護自己。為了保障他人健康,所有帶有呼吸系統症狀的市民必需在任何時間均帶上口罩;
  2. 所有由染病地區來港的旅客均要受醫療監察至少十天,有關當局需要隔離懷疑染上SARS的遊客及考慮暫時禁止旅遊人士出入中港邊境一個月,去減少SARS染病人士滲入社區;
  3. 對照顧SARS病人的所有醫護人員及SARS病人的緊密接觸者進行隔離;
  4. 對所有公立或私家受影響地方進行消毒;
  5. 每日公佈所有SARS患病新症及所有染病者在發病前到過的地方及來自那個地區或國家,包括中國大陸與其他國家;
  6. 為著公眾利益,宣佈患上SARS病症而不介意公佈的醫生名單。


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